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PLB200/N6 -- Powerline 200M Ethernet Bridge
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Powerline 200M Ethernet Bridge is a home used product which provides a very easy way to connect the PCs to share the Internet connecion via the existing power circuit. Supports 200M data rates for powerline network can suit for High Definition(HD) and Standard Definition (SD) video distribution. Easy to install and use, it plugs straight in to any existing wall electrical socket while having a low power consumption.The 128 bit AES encryption ensuring that your network communications is safe from hackers. The new HomePlug AV specification, Polwerline 200M Ethernet Bridge can coexist with Powerline 85M and 14M.
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Features :

ĦECompliant with IEEE 802.3, 802.3u 10/100M Etherenet standard and HomePlug AV specification

ĦECo-exists with existing 14Mbps HomePlug 1.0 and 85Mbps Turbo HomePlug 1.0

ĦEThe high-speed transfer rates of 200Mbps even make it possible to transmit video in DVD quality

ĦENo need new wires, use the home's existing Powerline

ĦEIntegrated Enhanced Quality of Service(QoS) features: eight levels of prioritized random access, contention free access,
    and segment bursting

ĦESupport IGMP managed multicast IP transmission

ĦESupports 128-bit AES encryption for Powerline network

ĦESupports data rates up to 200Mbps for Powerline networks

ĦESupports Max. up to 64 devices for Powerline networks

ĦEAllow user to connect PCs and other devices conveniently, at any power outlet in home

ĦESupport Windows 2000,XP and Vista 32/64

Product Features Product Diagram Product Specification Order Information  
Diagram :
Product Features Product Diagram Product Specification Order Information

Specification :





  ĦE1 x RJ-45 for Ethernet, 10/100M
  ĦE1 x Secure button
  ĦE1 x Reset button
  ĦE1 x Power socket


  ĦEHomePlug AV Specification
  ĦEIEEE 802.3, 802.3u 10/100M Ethernet standard


  ĦEOFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing)
  ĦESupports 1024/256/64/16/8 QAM, QPSK, BPSK, and ROBO modulation schemes

Frequency Band

  ĦE2 Mhz to 28 Mhz band


  ĦE128 bits AES encryption

Data Rate

ĦEUp to 200Mbps


ĦEPrioritized random access, contention-free access and segment bursting
ĦECSMA/CA with prioritization and ARQ for reliable delivery of Ethernet packets
    via Packet Encapsulation
ĦEeight levels of prioritized random access, contention-free access, and segment

Operating Range

ĦERanges of 200 meters


  ĦEIntegrated 100V - 230V Switching Supply via Power Socket for Europe/UK model
  ĦEIntegrated 100V - 230V Switching Supply via Power Socket for US Model


  ĦETemperature : 0˘J -70 ˘J
  ĦEHumidity : 10% - 90%, non-condensing


Product Features Product Diagram Product Specification Order Information
Order Information :

PLB200/N6 : Powerline 200M Ethernet Bridge

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